With the changes in healthcare, physicians will need to simultaneously manage the increasing operating costs and also plan for possible payment cuts. Now is the time to join CPPG – we have been helping physicians increase their bottom lines and enhance practice profitability for almost two decades.

Our mission at CPPG is to provide physicians with access to the best available pricing for premium services and products. The services and vendors offered through CPPG are pre-screened and peer-reviewed, deemed to be key partners in the healthcare industry.

In addition to documented financial savings, we save you the time it takes to shop around for the best prices and best quality service. The vendors in our program have been personally vetted and thoughtfully selected by our staff, and have been approved by our Board of Directors, which includes physician members.

A wide range of discounts are available on:

  • Medical and office supplies
  • Wireless service for physicians and office staff
  • Payroll services
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Collection services
  • Answering services
  • Credit card processing services
  • IT services and much more

In addition to our discounted services, we provide educational opportunities for our physicians and their staff, through both online and in-person seminars. We also offer member resources for selling used equipment.

Our membership is growing, and with that growth is that ability to negotiate better rates. Join now and let us change your purchasing future!

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