Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we are frequently asked. Please call CPPG at 949.764.1802 if your question is not listed.


Who is eligible to join CPPG?

CPPG is open to any physician.

What is the cost for membership?

The membership fee is $175.00 per physician per year with discounts for groups with 3 or more physicians.

What is the membership discount for groups?

All physician members of a group or practice must join.
3-5 physicians: 15% discount per physician
6-10 physicians: 25% discount per physician
11+ physicians: 35% discount per

What is the CPPG discount amount for wireless phones?

The discount for AT&T is 25% per month, Sprint is 23% per month and Verizon is 22% per month. There is also a discount for phones and accessories. Physician members, their staff and families are eligible for the discounts.

If I am an existing member of CAP-MPT Malpractice coverage, will I still be able to receive the 5% CPPG discount?

The 5% CAP-MPT group discount is applied to member's policies January of each year. You must be a CPPG member by October 30th of the prior year to receive the CAP discount. Existing CAP members will be eligible for the 5% discount if they have a favorable claims status and meet the October membership deadline.

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