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Combat Rising Costs Through the Power of Group Purchasing!

One of the biggest challenges of running a medical office is dealing with rising operating costs. That's where Coastal Physicians Purchasing Group can help. With the Group Purchasing model, strength in numbers allows us to gain access to the best products & services with the lowest prices available.

With the changes in healthcare, physicians will need to simultaneously manage the increasing operating costs and also plan for possible payment cuts. Now is the time to join CPPG – we have been helping physicians increase their bottom lines and enhance practice profitability for almost two decades.

Our Mission:

At CPPG, we provide physicians with access to the best available pricing for premium services and products. The services and vendors offered through CPPG are pre-screened and peer-reviewed, and deemed to be key partners in the healthcare industry. We offer members exciting and relevant values that help physicians keep their practices viable and profitable.

Coastal Physicians Purchasing Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hoag Hospital. CPPG is a members-only organization, exclusively serving Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Fountain Valley Community Hospital, San Antonio Regional Hospital and St. Joseph's Healthcare Medical Staff Members.

Member Benefits:

  • We provide seminars on mandates and changes in the healthcare industry
  • Malpractice Savings – members can save 5% on their assessments, in addition to the savings they receive from switching.
    • Malpractice Coverage is offered through CAP-MPT, which includes:
      • CyberRisk Coverage
      • Disability Insurance that covers specialties
      • Group Term Life Insurance

Our Services:

We offer over 100 vendor services with negotiated savings, lowering the cost of running your business, including: temporary and permanent staffing, wireless service discounts, medical supplies, vaccine discounts.

We also offer great employee incentives for your office staff such as:

  • Cell phone plan discounts
  • Discounted movie tickets (cheaper than big box stores offer!)
  • Discounted recreation tickets, i.e. Disneyland and local amusement parks

Portions of this site are password protected:

  • The Directory of Services-Physician area-contains the latest information about our vendors
  • The Vendor area provides membership eligibility information

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