Atlantic Pacific Processing Offers Credit Card Processing

Atlantic Pacific Processing Offers Credit Card Processing

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CPPG Welcomes Atlantic Pacific Processing System as a New Preferred Vendor for Credit Card Processing

CPPG is pleased to announce a new preferred vendor for credit card processing. Atlantic Pacific Processing makes it easy to process credit card payments.

  • They will review your most recent credit card merchant statement at no cost or commitment.
  • Within 24 hours, they provide a proposal that highlights how much they will save you and the amount you are currently overpaying on your merchant services.
    • They have saved physicians over 50% on their credit card fees.
  • You see the savings and you fill out a merchant application with Atlantic Pacific Processing.

From Atlantic Pacific Processing:

Not only do we provide you with CPPG Preferred Pricing, but we offer so much more to make your life easier and allow you to focus on your patients!
Atlantic Pacific Processing provides:

  • Hassle Free Set-up with In-House IT and Deployment Support Teams
  • Credit Card terminal that can process multiple physicians on a single terminal
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers to support CPPG Physicians
  • Customizable reporting to allow office managers to easily reconcile transactions
  • Offer EMV Ready terminals to reduce unnecessary chargebacks
  • Security solutions helping organizations protect confidential information
  • Easy solutions to connect to online payment processing and recurring payments

Join the Atlantic Pacific Processing family as we offer you lower credit card rates and provide you with worry free solutions to keep your practice running smoothly!

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